What is legal expenses insurance?

Legal expenses insurance cover was designed to protect you against the costs of taking legal action should a situation present itself where there is no other solution. Managing and running a business always comes with potential risks. Business processes require regular interaction and cooperation with clients, employees, one or more suppliers. Any arrangement, agreement or deal can result in an expensive and difficult legal dispute. Legal expenses insurance allows you to take to financial weight off your shoulders should a dispute arise.

Cover information

The £100,000 limit covers:

• Employment disputes and advice
• Tax, VAT, PAYE and NIC Investigations
• Protection of Licence
• Data Protection Defence
• Personal Injury

Jury Service and Witness Attendance Allowance of £100 per day £1,000 per claim G. Property Legal Protection H. Criminal Prosecution Excess each and every claim (Section A – E, G and H) £5,000

This reduces to £1,000 in the event that the accountant or solicitor recommended by the insurer is utilised 24 hour access to legal advice to assist in these 7 areas

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