What is third-party cyber liability insurance?

Third-party cyber liability insurance was designed for businesses that operate in the information technology industry. This cover is specially useful for businesses that install software or networks for clients. Data breach is a very serious matter for any business, and clients will not hesitate to sue the IT professional who was in charge for overseeing their company’s data security.

The cover helps you pay for the costs of legal disputes when your business is responsible for an alleged mistake on your part, resulting in data infringement or other privacy breaches.

Unfortunately, data breaches are becoming more and more frequent, they can easily damage reputations and cause a massive financial headache, which is why third-party cyber liability insurance is useful.

Cover information

£50,000 Limit of Indemnity each and every claim and in the aggregate. The limit of indemnity is inclusive of legal defence costs and expenses
The £50,000 limit covers:

• Liability for third party damages arising from your email or website
• Changes made by hacking
• Intellectual property or trademark infringement
• Defamation of a competitor
• Misuse of customer data or breach of privacy
• Negligently transmitting a computer virus A £500 excess applies to all Third Party Cyber Claims

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